We build websites for personal or small business use. Clean and simple.


 What We do

     Whether you own a small business or are an artist in need of an affordable way to showcase your art, we offer a clean and simple solution designed to maximize your internet presence by creating an attractive, easy to navigate, and user friendly environment for your clients browsing experience.

     Included in price of set up are tools to help keep track of monthly traffic to your website, stream audio, video and display images in a clean and tasteful presentation. We will work with you to customize your website by designing logos, color schemes and an overall look that reflects your unique style and tastes.




 Getting Started

Step 1. Register a domain name. Yahoo has all the information for getting started at Yahoo Domain Registration.

Step 2. Find a server to host your website. They run about $120 a year depending on who you decide to sign up with. The first year is included in the price of the website you purchase from lonniejackson.com. Every year afterwards it will be up to you to renew the yearly hosting dues through whichever site you decide on. We can recommend Yahoo Web Hosting, OpenJack.com, or GoDaddy.com. We can also set it up for you if you like.

Step 3. Contact us! We can't wait to get started building the perfect website that will show off your business or talent to anyone with access to the world wide web.







Prices Start at $500. This includes the server dues for one year along with the page layout and overall design. It is your website, so any input and ideas you have are welcome. We build it, then upload it to the server of your choice. Every server will have tools to help you keep track of monthly traffic to your site.

We will set you or your business up with an e-mail account if you don't already have one.

If you would like a custom designed logo, we can do that for an extra $100. This includes a matching favicon.

If there is any maintenance that is needed after both parties have agreed the webpage is finished, it will cost an extra $20 each update. If you expect many updates throughout the course of a year, $100 will cover unlimited updates for one year.






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